Indicadores bibliométricos y visitas de Wikipedia ¿alguna relación?

STI2022 InfluScience

En el congreso STI2022 celebrado en Granada, tuvimos la oportunidad de presentar otro trabajo sobre altmetrics. En esta ocasión son los resultados preliminares de una investigación en la que estudiamos la transferencia del impacto bibliométrico de las universidades a su atención social, medido a través de visitas en Wikipedia. Esta trabajo se titula New insights on social media metrics: examining the relationship between universities’ academic reputation and Wikipedia attention y puedes leer su resumen a continuación:
«This paper explores how universities academic reputation as measured by scientometric indicators is to some extent related to social attention captured in Wikipedia, and tries to identify the main variables involved in this relationship. We find that the publication size and highly cited publications have a positive association with social attention on Wikipedia. However, when variables that account for geographical and cultural factors come into play, the latter’s influence is reduced significantly. This suggests that in the translation of academic reputation to the social media realm, different factors than just the academic performance of universities may also be playing important roles, including geographical, cultural, and linguistic aspects, which are usually not consider in most altmetric research. These results suggest important directions for future research, which should inevitably consider contextual factors to properly disentangle the relationship between academic reputation and Wikipedia social attention, including among others the Wikipedia pages of universities in languages other than English. Finally, it is also important to remark that the approach developed in this paper for Wikipedia could easily be also extrapolated to other social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook or even more local platforms like WeChat, enabling more advanced studies of the relationships between the academic reputation and social media impact of scientific entities.»


Arroyo-Machado, W., Díaz-Faes, Adrián A., & Costas, R. (2022). New insights on social media metrics: examining the relationship between universities’ academic reputation and Wikipedia attention. 26th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (STI 2022), Granada, Spain.

Por Wenceslao Arroyo Machado

Investigador posdoctoral en la Universidad de Granada y COO de EC3Metrics